Feminine Creatures – the post where I say the word ‘vulva’

FemFresh doesn't know a vagina from a vulva

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about how the grocery store across the street from my apartment doesn’t sell tampons. They have 4 shelves full of pads but zero tampons. Then I lost 5 twitter followers. Of course, they could have dropped off because that’s what happens in the world of Twitter. But I […]

Comic books, disabilities and the path to humanity.

I don’t know why I’ve been writing about comic books so much lately. Sadly, I haven’t read one in quite some time but someone mentioned Madame Webb on io9 the other day and that made me think about diversity in fiction – both written and performed. I never see people like me on television or […]

Mad Men: Fat Betty – Why Hollywood sucks even more

If you watch Mad Men or if you’ve merely casually perused the internet for the past two weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Fat Betty. Previously on Mad Men: Slim & Trim Wine-Toting Betty Draper Previously, prim & slim former wife of Don Draper has gotten chunky. She eats Bugles (who can blame her?) while lounging […]

Let’s Just Be Honest – You Like Knowing You Could Break Her

I have a lot of half written blogs on our twisted culture of fat/thin but I thought I’d publish the blog that’s not about self-hate or about all of those girls I know with eating disorders. I thought I’d start by talking about men and their horrible insecurities that cause them to want tiny women. […]