3.6.14 – If It Doesn’t Work, Try Something Else.

basket mandala

Today, I am grateful for multiple creative outlets. I was feeling burnt out creatively. Writing wasn’t coming naturally. I could have drowned my creative sorrows in television, a book or Candy Crush (level 462 will be the end of me!), but instead, I decided to try another mode of artistry. I thought about pulling out […]

1.3.14 – Today is All About the Visual.

I’m sick today, so I don’t really feel like writing. I haven’t been able to sleep or get much rest because I feel so awful. I didn’t have the brain power to work much this afternoon, so I spent my time coloring this mandala. I’m not done yet, but it’s almost there. Obviously, the recent snowstorm […]

Mandala Meditation: Flow

When I color a mandala, I don’t usually choose the colors. I pick random markers and then look for patterns in those colors to form a meditative thread about the piece.  It’s amazing how there is typically a theme to the colors that I blindly pick out of the silk bag that holds my illustrator […]